The OLTIN YO'L GTL story


Access to affordable energy drives growth and prosperity. In English, OLTIN YO'L means 'Golden Road' and the project will help set Uzbekistan on a golden road to a clean and sustainable energy future, and drive development.


Using Uzbekistan's natural gas, OLTIN YO'L GTL will produce some of the cleanest and most advanced transport fuels in the world – reducing emissions while adding one of the world's most advanced technologies to Uzbekistan's already impressive energy industry.


In partnership with Sasol of South Africa, Uzbekneftegaz is delivering one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today. OLTIN YO'L GTL will set new standards for fuel performance and demonstrate the exciting opportunities Uzbekistan has.






JSC Uzbekneftegaz (UNG)

A vertically-integrated, three-level holding company. It consists of six joint stock companies, and more than 200 other enterprises involved in the full spectrum of oil and gas operations.



Single licensor



The acknowledged global leader in the production of synthetic fuels and a pioneer in the commercialisation of GTL technology, Sasol has developed world-scale GTL projects on two continents.

Our values


One Team: We strive towards being a unified unit working towards common goals through mutual respect, loyalty, cooperation and open communication, honesty and fairness


SHERQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Risk & Quality): We strive towards developing and nurturing a safe, healthy, environmentally friendly business producing high quality products by minimising all risks to achieve world class quality standards


Results Driven: We strive for excellence and professionalism in achieving organisational goals to exceed the expectations of our customers and stakeholders


Integrity: We conduct our business with fairness, honesty, and transparency


Value Chain Focus: We create and maintain strategically important, win-win intra- and inter-company stakeholder relationships


OLTIN YO'L GTL milestones to date: 

  • FEED Phase 1 started – August 2009
  • First Presidential Decree issued – October 2009
  • Uzbekistan GTL LLC registered – December 2009
  • Preliminary Feasibility Study completed – September 2011
  • Project Agreements signed – September 2011
  • Second Presidential Decree issued - September 2011
  • FEED Phase 1 closed, FEED Phase 2 started – October 2011
  • Project branded OLTIN YO'L GTL – July 2012
  • Successful world record attempt – July 2012
  • New corporate headquarters established – May 2013 
  • EPC contract awarded – December 2013
  • Site preparation works began – January 2014
  • Site preparation works completed – September 2015
  • FEED Phase 2 closed, Notice to Proceed under EPC contract issued – November 2016
  • Feasibility Study (Technical and Economic Report) completed – December 2016
  • Third Presidential Decree issued – December 2016
  • Loan agreements signed – December 2018
  • Fourth Presidential Decree issued – April 2019